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Physical Education Workshops | April 2016

At Wells Hall Primary School, we are committed to ensuring that we enrich the lives of our children using both curricular activities as well as providing additional opportunities.

Our recent PE Workshops are a new initiative this academic year to give children an opportunity to learn with their parents/grandparents about the importance of making healthy food choices and getting the right amount of exercise.


The workshops run with a small introduction from Head of PE, Kirstin Lowe before they break in to small groups to complete activities. The first activity gets children to look at how much added sugar is put in to foods. Children work with their parents to guess how many sugar cubes are contained within each product before checking using the Change4Life Sugar Smart App. It definitely proved some surprising reactions! The main aim of this session is not limited to seeing how much sugar is in each product, but also to begin to encourage parents to involve their children more in making healthy food choices.


The aim of activity number two was to encourage children to taste new fruits and vegetables though a challenge to taste the smoothies on the table and to guess what they think is contained within each one! Some of them gained some mixed reactions from both adults and children!


The final activity was for children to challenge their parent to a 60-second skipping challenge using our Skip2BFit ropes. With one in five children being obese by the time they leave Primary School, it is essential for children’s health and wellbeing to get a range of different types of exercise throughout the day.


Miss Kirstin Lowe (Head of PE) - "The health and wellbeing of our children is of paramount importance and we realise the impact that we can have as a school, on educating both parents and children together in making healthy life choices. These workshops have been developed to support the growth of our children."


Mr Kieran Lawler (PE Specialist/Learning Mentor) – “Many parents have indicated that they will go away and download the ‘Sugar Smart App’ and check closer on the amount of sugar contained within everyday products. We hope that this will have a really positive impact on our children by making healthy choices which will benefit the children’s health and wellbeing.”