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The hub for ‘Learning Together, Learning for Life!’ 


Not only will you have access to all of the vital information about our thriving school, but also a chance to join in with the celebration of our children’s successes and achievements.


At the heart of our school is a joy of learning and a shared dedication to preparing our children to become healthy, happy and successful members of the community. We actively encourage our children to embrace a growth mind-set and the belief that through hard work and determination, they can achieve anything they set their hearts on. With boundless opportunities to participate in sport, music and the arts, the children have scope to explore and broaden these aspirations.


We also take very seriously our commitment to promoting the fundamental British values as well as encouraging our children’s involvement in local projects aimed at protecting the unique and outstandingly beautiful local environment. This is all born from the children having a very clear voice and an opportunity to share their opinions about how the school is run and to debate topical issues. Every child has a say, not just a select few!  Each Class Council reports via their elected representatives to the School Council. This promotes the children’s independence and encourages them to take responsibility for their behaviour and decisions.


Life in school is always evolving, so please remember to keep up to date with the developments by checking out our weekly newsletter and remembering to follow us on Twitter @WHPrimary.


Many thanks.


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