The Curriculum


At Wells Hall Primary we are committed to teaching a broad and balanced curriculum that is stimulating, motivating and encourages pupils to become independent and aspirational learners.  We hope to instil a love of learning that promotes enquiry and encourages pupils to apply themselves to the best of their ability.  We place a high value on vocabulary, knowledge and skills thus ensuring a holistic approach to learning. 

Our curriculum is designed to: 

  • Enable pupils to build respectful relationships with their peers, school staff and the wider community. 
  • Nurture resilience in learners so that they may persevere when things get tough. 
  • Challenge pupils to take responsibility for the choices that they make within their learning and social interactions. 
  • Develop and strengthen pupil’s literacy skills so that they are able to effectively speak, listen, read and write.  We believe that these skills are fundamental in accessing lifelong learning. 
  • Support pupils in becoming competent mathematicians who can utilise their subject knowledge in everyday life. 
  • Explicitly up-level pupil’s vocabulary in order that they can access all areas of learning with a reduced cognitive load. 
  • Offer pupils the opportunity to learn about a breadth of subjects, gradually deepening their understanding of key concepts within and across year groups, through carefully planned teaching sequences. 
  • Support pupils in achieving the highest possible standard from a range of starting points, through carefully differentiating lessons to match pupil’s needs. 


Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Curriculum Overview



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