For those of you on Instagram, there are many accounts that have been set up for the purpose of learning through play - the Early Years ethos!

For lots of ideas on what to do at home with items you already have, please follow accounts like @play.hooray and @fiveminutemum. They also have blogs for those you not on Instagram. These are also applicable for pupils in Key Stage 1.

We know that many of you may want new books to read - in the absence of getting these from school or the library, please check out CBeebies Bedtime Stories.

Visit the White Rose Maths website to find maths activities for home learning here.

If you have any amazing pictures of your learning at home (we'd love to display them!) or any questions you would like to ask, please email                         WHPA-YEARN@wellshallprimary.co.uk (nursery) or WHPA-YEARR@wellshallprimary.co.uk (reception).