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Year 4


If you have any amazing pictures of your learning at home (we'd love to display them!) or any questions you would like to ask, please email                         WHPA-YEAR4@wellshallprimary.co.uk


Weeks 1 (w/b 23.3.2020) and 2 (w/b 30.3.2020)

To easily access all of the resources below, please click here.



In English, we have been reading The Iron Man. We are doing lots of work around this to finally write our own 'Defeating a Monster' story. A small clip of the story, including some talk ideas, is available here.

The resources for the English work can be found here.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Please find the resources for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar here.



In Maths, we are learning about decimals. Resources including fact sheets and extra activity mats can be foundhere

The White Rose website will have further resources to support this unit of work and learning at home.



In Science, we have been learning about electrical circuits. We have been learning about how to make them, what conducts electricity and what does not conduct electricity in order to make circuits work. Learning Resources can be found here and the Knowledge Organiser here.

Use Purple Mash, by logging in with your child's log in details, to access online learning here.



In Geography, we have been learning about Germany and comparing it with the UK. Please find resources here and the Knowledege Organiser here.



Computing - You will need your Purple Mash log in details.

Week 1 - week beginning 23.03.20
Programming: If you have got squared paper or access to a printer at home then this would be handy, no worries if not. There is a worksheet attached. You will be using a programme called Logo. This can be access through the home screen on Purple Mash, click on tools and then Logo (under coding) and click Logo again.
These are the instructions about how to draw a square 
FD 5 RT 90 FD 5 RT 90 FD 5 RT 90 FD 5 RT 90
Can you see which code is repeated and how many times? FD 5 RT 90 is repeated 4 times.
Try and use the REPEAT function. This is written as REPEAT (or RPT) and then the number of times it is to be repeated. The instruction to be repeated is then placed in square brackets. So, to draw a square, the instructions can be shortened to.
REPEAT 4 [FD 5 RT 90]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Work through Lesson 3 – Worksheet 1 (attached to this email) . Children need to predict what shapes the code will make then type the code in 2Logo to see if they were correct. EXTENSION 1 – Can the children use the Repeat function to find the most efficient way to write letters? EXTENSION 2 – Make use of the shape backgrounds within 2Logo. Click the button and select one of the backgrounds below. Create Logo code to draw the shapes using repeat along with the other commands that they have learnt. Hexagon, Pentagon, Triangle, Octagon, a square house with a triangle and finally a house with 2 windows and a door.
A worksheet for this can be found here.
Week 2  - week beginning 30.03.20
Please find the lesson here. Watch a walkthrough tutorial here.